Getting Used To Work

Published on: Jan 19, 2018 @ 18:14

My second week at work after recovering from my cold I finally got to start helping with some of the designs for a client. I had to learn to use Google Web Designer to animate banners for this company called Iconic Jewelry. It was interesting to work with a design team, I was given a base design for a banner that was made by the head designer and had to create multiple banners in different sizes matching that design.

After finishing the static designs in SKETCH I exported the assets to use with Google We Designer to create the animated banners for the advertising with Google Ad-words. After some trial and error i figured out the new software and managed to make the banners withing the limitations of Google Ad-words
Animation 1

Animtaion 2

Animation 3

Animtaion 4

Animation 5

Animtaion 6

Animation 7

Animtaion 8

Animation 9
Animtaion 10
Animation 11
Animtaion 12
Animation 13
Animtaion 14
Animation 15
Animtaion 16
Animation 17
Animtaion 18
Animation 19