Working With A Team

Published on: Jan 26, 2018 @ 20:34

All of my work experience as a Graphic Designer has been as an independent freelancer up to this point, so to get the opportunity to work with a design team has been a real experience.

My third week I felt like I proven my self as a competent designer and they let me do more work for the team, most part of the week I was helping with fixing design errors that the coders of the web pages had made. By trying out the web pages in tablet and mobile form so I could see where there was need for some fixing, for example alignment of text, resizing pictures etc. Mostly I worked on the design for the mobile version of Iconic Jewelry web page.


Best part of working with a team is that you have someone to help you and discuss ideas with. We had a design team and a marketing team, so all we had to do is design and the marketing team got us the information and content for the work we did.