How I Started An Internship In Thailand

Published on: Jan 8, 2018 @ 02:44

As I’m about to graduate from MDA (Marbella Design Academy) I’ve got to do a minimum of 6 week internship to be able to get my BA.
We don’t have to do it locally it’s up to us to find a place to intern if not the school will help us find something in Marbella. But being the way I am i already had an idea of what I wanted to do for my internship.

I’ve always wanted to travel to Japan since I as a kid, so obviously that was where I started looking, it did not take long until I realized that I had to start looking at other places and thats when I found this interesting page called Tech In Asia witch is a media, events, and jobs platform that helps to build and serve Asia’s tech and startup companies. In other words I can find media jobs all over Asia thru this page and I did. You can search specifically after internships and you can filter the jobs by country and are of work.

This site was easy to use and even more helpful when applying for jobs, you set up and account with a CV and all contact information and skills you have and need for applying for a job. Then you just start sending job applications thru the webpage with just a few clicks at the time.
I found a lot of Graphic related jobs all over the place, started to apply for jobs in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand, as you can guess from the tittle I got a reply from this company in Thailand.

Now is when it got interesting, so I get a response from this company called Upmedio Creative Media. Getting a reply is the easy part, now I have to make sure i get the internship.
So as soon as I started to talk with them I explained how my situation was with school and that I need an internship, but 6 week internships are usually not that much and companies really prefer to have an intern a bit longer to be able to assess and train them for a potential job opening. Thinking of that I actually applied for a 3 month internship, this sounded better then applying for just 6 weeks specially since I’ll be traveling to Thailand.

So I got an interview with company which we did thru Skype, it all went well I showed them my work, we talked about my skills, knowledge, experience and about what the company did.
After we where all set and done they told me that they where sending me a brief to see if I could make a banner for a FaceBook page for this client they had as a test of my skills.

Needless to say I did good and just like that I had an internship in Bangkok as a Graphic Designer for this Design company called Upmedio Creative Media.

In my next post I’ll tell you about my first week in Bangkok and how I ended up sick and almost homeless.