I am an ambitious graphic designer from Sweden learning as much as possible about the world of design.
I use a lot of my own experiences when developing ideas and creating content.
I have an interest in innovative technology and techniques that are rapidly developing in my field, to stay modern and relevant in this rapidly expanding industry.
Always exploring new styles of creative design is what sets me apart in this competitive industry.
From video, web design and photography to low poly art.

If it exists, surely I’ll explore and adapt it in to my own work.
Editorial Design
Web Development

Instagram Feed

My Instagram feed where I post my work and projects


List of expertise offered to clients and businesses.
Web Design
Design based on your branding and standards; to create functional, practical and accessible Wordpress pages.
Editorial Design
Creating easy to use layout and style for brochures, magazines and posters.
Assistance to new and current businesses with a need to expand their branding image. Such as logos, business cards and marketing strategy.
Kevin Krögerström
Kevin Krögerström

Graphic Designer

Enthusiastic, passionate with great sense of humor.

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